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  • CAD Design

    Statement of drawings and creating temporary

    The technology and knowhow as the professional of the temporary housing design that extends so that Nikken lease industry Ltd. is near during half a century and is cultivated are offered to a local staff, and it educates, it trains, and a high-quality temporary housing blueprint side and the strength statement are being offered to the customer in Japan.

    Temporary housing rental

    Temporary housing rentalTemporary housing rental

    The age from "Buy it" to "Use it". Nikken lease industry Ltd. pulls the industry as a pioneer of the steel-made lightness temporary housing machine parts rental for the construction of the work stand material etc. , and has contributed to rationalization in the construction industry in Japan.

  • Assembly and dismantlement

    Assembly and dismantlementAssembly and dismantlement

    Construction sector new industrial method such as the ability to offer the counseling service proposals and it being made had in the front of us.

  • Supply materials in Vietnam

    Supply materials in VietnamSupply materials in Vietnam

    Our company sell materials and supply rental service in Vietnam.