Message from the President

      Nowadays, as a result of pursuing wealth and possesion of morden products, Vietnam has been facing global problems of enviroment pollution as well as the problem of running out of resources. On the other hand, many companies facing continual depression have been forced to seek for higher work efficiency and cost reduction through innovation in bussines. In response to such situtation, people now pay more and more attention to the way to make use of resources effectively. Now, to make good use of resoures in accordance with the actual situation, not only companies but also each individual tends to take in consideration of all economical and effective elements when using resoures.

      21st century is now the age of  “ Resources and Environment”. So, it can be said that all the rental companies who can change from “simple possesion” to “good making use” are kind of companies most appropriate in 21st century. The reason is that such companies did not just find a way of avoiding recent crisis situation of environmet and resources, they, in fact, have been able to give good ideas to solve all the problems relating to effeciency and cost reduction.

      Nikken International Asia, standing up for the viewpoint of changing from “simple possesion” to “good making use” of products, has now been offering services that directly connect to reasonable procurement of products, efficiency as well as cost reduction for customers who use rental services.

      The “Light temporary structure materials” that our company is now supplying are indispensable to construction work, focus on safety factors and require a substantial amount and various types, as a result, suitable for any construction scales. There is a truth that when a construction work finishes, all the material must be removed and it takes much labor and cost for constructors to perform maintenance, as a result of this, it is said that now in Japan 90 percentage of temporary structure materials in use are of rental use. Good making use of resources can be defined as a way of using in which you “ use what you need when you need and for a nesscary period of time only”. Now it is totally true to say that not only in the world of construction, but aslo in any other bussiness areas, it is changing rapidly from age of “simple possesion” to age of “good making use”.

      When performing the rental of light temporary structure materials in Vietnam, there are ,of course, needs for existence of expert knowledge, know-how and experienced specialists. We are not merely the provider of temporary materials, but we also cover all the works from design, transportation, assembly, removal to safe management. With a wish of contributing to contruction area, the key industry of Vietnam, we offer a beneficial solution for constructors so they can carry their work safely and effeciently and without risks and troubles.

We look forward to receive further support from all of you

Nikken International Asia Co.,Ltd.