Benefits of Rental

Timely and proactively

タイムリーな調達In most situations than can meet, as necessary to perform the lessee. Can be used as needed, be proactive time. Please call us immediately to have everything related to construction, resource efficiency of your business.

Financial performance

資金の有効活用Have you ever bought a large amount of scaffoldings and used only for 1 time, after that, these materials will be piled as mountain? Having materials means that rental fee of warehouse or manager still arise even though not using materials (not have construction sites). If buy so many, kinds of expenses arise when have no income.

Contributing to environment protection

環境保全への貢献Depreciation and discarded items purchased will incur costs. If we do not have to pay rent to any costs incurred. The items that will be reused, contributing to environmental protection.

No need to asset balance

資産計上不要Monthly rental cost will be charged as allowable expenses, so do not need to prepare large amount of money to buy materials.

Moreover, if buying materials, depreciated cost still arise during unused period. But in case of rental materials, the cost does nor arise during unused period, useful for management stability.

Always improving the quality

常に整備された機材Our products are maintenanced with the standard the same as mother company, Nikken Lease Kogyou which has ISO 9001. Thus, valued customers could use our products with no worries.